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We will start picking you up at your hotel to go to the World Heritage Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacan.

We will move to a local Cooperative for the knowledge and benefits of Maguey, which is a multipurpose Cactaceous Plant for the elaboration of pre-Hispanic paper, thread and needle for textiles, elaboration of pulque and mezcal. This plant is fantastic! About the work and the characteristics of jade, obsidians and other semi-precious stones you will also learn … And, of course: A Tequila tasting!

We will enter the Archaeological Zone and in the company of your Guide you will get to know a Palace and you will be amazed and learn a lot with the informative and most up-to-date data that your Guide will share to you.

At the Impressive Mirador you will receive a very complete and interesting and enjoyable explanation of the majestic Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon as well as the Calzada de los Muertos.

For your relaxation, your total recreation and after all the information of your Guide, you will enjoy appreciable free time (hour and a half) for you to explore, tour, walk and enjoy at your pace, taste and free decision feeling an integral part of all that Teotihuacan offers you to make it yours!

We will visit the beautiful Museum of Teotihuacanos Murals Beatriz de la Fuente, it is small but it is very complete and informative and interesting.

We will enjoy a very complete lunch which is a three-course menu with various dishes (included) and a bottled drink (1 water or 1 soda or 1 beer) included as well.

After lunch we will return already relaxed and very happy to Mexico City to leave them at their Hotel and the end of the Private Tour.



An unforgettable experience
Real and updated information
True and worthy free time
Enjoyable, fun, interesting, culture and knowledge



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