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Summer Palace is the most beautiful royal garden in China which is consist of three parts: political center, living quarter and garden, same design as the Forbidden City. But the garden takes up 3 quarters of the whole palace, huge artificial lake, longest wooden corridor painted with 14,000 paintings.

Your guide will meet you in the McDonald of the meeting point.

Your guide will show you the Hall of benevolence and longevity. Share interesting stories of Dragon lady Cixi and the design of this layout under Chinese Feng-shui.

Your guide will take you to a secret garden hidden in the corner of the Summer Palace which emperor Qianlong loved to spend leisure time with his most loved mother. Your guide will share the art of Chinese gardens with you.

Your guide will show you the Hall of happiness and longevity which is the living quarter for dragon lady Cixi. Share her life stories with you, you will know why she was capable to be real ruler, even emperor was under her control. How luxurious her life was.

Your guide will show you the beautiful garden with huge artificial lake, artificial hill and longest wooden corridor in the world.

Walk beside the lake to the living quarters for emperor Guang Xu and his empress. Why an ambitious young emperor became a prisoner, why his favorite concubine was killed by dragon lady Cixi, and what is the true cause of emperor’s death.

You will end the tour at the meeting point. Your guide will assist you to find the subway station or get you a taxi.



Kunming Lake
Long corridor with 14,000 traditional Chinese paintings
Longevity Hill
Secret garden hidden in the Summer Palace
Emperor’s Prison



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