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Stop 1: Discover local products not found anywhere else in the world. Then we walk over for the bike fitting and gear.
Stop 2: Cycle to the vegetable and paddy fields. I will introduce you to the types of vegetables grown and the day-to-day routine of local farmers. Get insights into agricultural activities from those who toil on other land. You will see the produce grown by our farmers who will be at work, tilling the land, drying/packaging their product, and selling them on the side of the road to the middlemen who will take them to the markets.

Stop 3: Buddhist temple. Learn a little about our religion Hinduism, influenced Buddhism. See how the monks go about their daily chores and duties. Find out about how we celebrate births and prepare for funerals.
Stop 4: Local Food sampling. Stop by a family that makes bamboo sticky rice and sells sugarcane juice. You can try local fruits such as rambutan, and mango. Learn about how this is made.
Stop 5: Lotus field. Have a nice cool beer on me. Taste lotus seeds and finds out about the many uses of the lotus plant.
Other things to note
The tour does not require a temple pass.
Difficulty level: Easy (Cyclist doesn’t need to have a certain level of fitness, mostly flat terrain)
We commend you for wearing light cotton clothes, because of the hot and humid weather. If you come during the wet season (September) do bring a raincoat.



Good day tour
Local expert
Enjoy beer at the last stop.



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