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On this unique flamenco experience, learn by dancing flamenco and immerse yourself into the flamenco dance culture at a top air contitioned pro studio at the city center.

You will learn by doing basic flamenco body positions for arms, hands and foot movements and how to dance a flamenco routine.

This unique costume-optional master class is absolutely suitable for complete beginners, both women and men and children from 8 y.o. After some body work, you will be ready to reproduce an unique routine. Your guide will teach you from zero how, just go with the flow. 

You will get more than a rhythm, palms and dance lesson, you will get to understand this awesome art better and why it is known worldwide. Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. 

Open groups up to 10 people. Chidren under 8y.o. for free, maximun 2 children. If you are a larger group, the studio capacity is up to 25 people.

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

The key: we love whst we do

The secret; we believe in you more than you…ooolee!



Feel the passion of flamenco with this lesson that’s perfect for beginners
Learn by doing basic body positions and movements in rhythm
Surprise yourself dancing flamenco like a local at Seville’s city centre
Work on the flamenco dance attitude at a top air conditioned pro studio
Appreciate and understand the upcoming flamenco shows



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