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Considered the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and declared a world heritage site since 1987 by UNESCO, this guided tour provides you with the perfect opportunity to discover this fascinating and historically rich building.

During your guided tour, take the chance to admire the artistic beauty of the cathedral’s imposing construction, and once inside, take some time to discover works such as the Murillo, the largest altar in Christendom, the Patio de los naranjos, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, and much more.

Thanks to your expert guide, learn all about the history, legends, and curiosities of this magnificent site. At the end of the tour, take the chance to go up the former minaret, nowadays a bell tower called the Giralda, with splendid views of all of Seville.



Visit the Cathedral of Seville
Experience the tomb of Christopher Colombus
Discover the largest altar in Christendom
View Seville from the Giralda Tower



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