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We will visit the three palaces that form it, discovering in them, from the vestiges of the best art through the centuries, through some of the most important representations of Mudejar art that are still standing. The guide will transport us to the time of its most famous inhabitants, where the Lover of King Pedro I was able to dominate, not only a Man, but an entire Kingdom, or where the wisdom of a potter was able to defeat King Al-Mutamid. Through its legends and architecture we will let ourselves be deceived by the magic of its gardens, oasis and mixture of perfumes in the center of the city.

Once we finish, we will go through the Patio de Banderas, located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz where the old Jewish quarter of Seville was and one of the most emblematic enclaves of the city, to later visit the third largest cathedral in the world, the one that when was ordered to be built, the famous phrase “Let’s make a Cathedral that everyone who sees it thinks we are crazy” was said, such an architectural complex hides an incredible number of treasures that our guide will make us discover, including the tomb of one of the greatest characters of all time, Christopher Columbus.

After the visit to the Cathedral, we will go up to the Giralda, the old minaret of the Almohad Mosque from the 12th century and the most privileged of the city’s viewpoints, which represents the magic, the mystery, the past and present of a magical city that is opens the visitor through the eyes of the guide.

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