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Let’s start a morning in Kyoto by visiting and experiencing beautiful/serene zen gardens, the origin of all the Japanese sweets and a shinto shrine.

First we will go to Daitokuji which is a collection of small zen temples. We will visit three temples there. Each one has its own uniqueness with differently designed stone gardens and rich history. We go early in the morning, so you can feel the serenity and authenticity without too much crowd. After that we will go to possibly the oldest cafes in Kyoto which was established 1000 years ago. There you will have aburimochi which is known as the origin of all the Japanese sweets. After the break, we will visit Imamiya Shrine and end the tour there.

Let me explain a little bit about myself.
I have lived in the US, UK, and India for approximately 20 years, and I’ve also traveled to many other countries. Living abroad for such a long time made me realize Japan’s value and sparked my interest in working as a translator/guide for foreigners. I’m truly passionate about introducing people to historical sites, authentic Japanese culture, and stunning natural spots that may not be widely known to people outside of Japan. There are countless places that I believe people would love. I will support you to make your Japan trip the one that you will remember for life!



– Experience several different types of beautiful zen/stone gardens.
– Taste the famous sweets called aburimochi known as the oldest sweets in Japan.
– Visit Imamiya Shrine and learn how to properly visit a Shinto shrine.



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