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Discover Mazatlan in a different and unique way through a traditional ‘Auriga’ (local taxi) and visit some of the city’s most popular street food stands to eat traditional food that locals love while supporting small businesses. 

Climb aboard a traditional ‘Auriga’, which is the local taxi of Mazatlan, and head off to different working-class neighborhoods around the historic center of the city. 

Visit the favorite local haunts, get samples of the traditional meals and snacks, and meet the families keeping Mexican food traditions alive.

Be entertained by your local guide with stories and insights into Mazatlan’s rich culture, long history, and colorful architecture.



Experience authentic local food in the working-class neighborhoods
Spice up your day and learn about Mexican culture through food
Feel welcomed at family-run food stands who create culinary magic
Breakthrough cultural and language barriers alongside a local guide



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