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Your creative, nontraditional scavenger hunt begins at a scenic spot that’s a local favorite. You’ll get your digital quest from your live and interactive remote host. Then you ll take off on your own to experience a wide variety of carefully curated locations in town. You’ll walk or drive to the various checkpoints as you interpret creative tasks, accept wacky challenges, and get outside your comfort zone!

Both family and dog friendly, the game alternates between the indoors and outdoors, with plenty of bonus challenges too! You’ll text photos and videos to your remote host, who cheers you on and assists, as you play – to document your progress. You can even interact with the locals to interpret the creative challenges. You won t be able to avoid having fun, uncovering hidden gems and local secrets, making memories, laughing, and learning along the way!

You ll be part of the rich culture of this dynamic city! Every turn is full of surprises, so questions in advance are welcomed. Check out all 500 of our city hunts! Great for corporate groups, tourists, curious locals, bachelors(ettes), birthdays, families, friend trips, and other special groups! Ask us about our custom-designed experiences and virtual team builders too!



Uncover some of Madison’s hidden gems as you solve different challenges
Work together with your group as the game guides you through the city
Score points for correct answers and make your way up the leaderboard
Follow the clues on your smartphone and solve challenges around the city
Send photos of your progress to your remote host as you complete tasks



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