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Day 1/

Our driver will pick you up early in the morning at the agreed time to start the journey in Luxor by visiting the East Bank, Luxor temple, This beautiful temple was the main function during the annual Opet celebrations.

The next stop is the temple of Karnak, which is home to three main temples, several smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples – combining the achievements of many generations of ancient builders over 1500 years.

relax and admire the Nile views of the city on the Felucca ride.

After a long journey in Luxor enjoy your lunch on the cruise ship booked for you. relax and enjoy the luxury life on a 5-star cruise ship.

Day 2/

Enjoy an early start for one of the best if not the best experiences in Luxor, the hot air balloon ride. 
Our driver will pick you up from the reception to join a small group and take you to the hot air balloon ride airport. Enjoy watching the magical sights of Luxor drift by below. 
heading to the west bank, starting with The Valley of the Kings, its primary purpose was to secure the royal tombs for the pharaohs of the new kingdom 
Then moving to The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut,  an admirer of Mentuhotep II’s temple had her own designed to mirror it but on a much grander scale and, just in case anyone should miss the comparison, ordered it built right next to the older temple.
Ending the tour with a quick visit to the massive colossi of Memnon for pictures. 

Then back on board to enjoy your lunch and start sailing up to Edfu. 

Day 3/

time to uncover Egypt’s most beautiful hidden gems in Edfu and Kom Ombo. 

in the morning after enjoying breakfast onboard, our guide will pick you up from the reception to visit the hidden gem in Edfu, Horus temple, The Edfu temple represents a lost art that showcases the true spirit of the ancient Egyptian civilization from the perspective of the Ptolemaic dynasty
Then back to the cruise enjoy lunch and continue the sailing until you reach Kom Ombo where our guide will be waiting for you. 
The guide will pick you up from the reception to visit the unique temple of Kom Ombo, Kom Ombo means the heap of gold. the temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek the crocodile god, and Haroeris (the falcon god Horus), Learn more interesting facts about the unique temple with your Egyptologist. 
and back again to the ship to enjoy the sailing. 

Day 4/

It won’t be an Egypt tour if we miss the Greatest Temple of all, Abu Simbel Temple. 

Early in the morning, our driver will pick you up from the reception to visit the most beautiful temple in Egypt (kindly check out before you leave and leave your luggage in the reception). 
Relax in an air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy the car trip to The Great Temple of Abu The temples were carved into the rock face and featured intricate carvings and massive statues of pharaohs and gods. The Great Temple of Ramses II is one of the most fantastic places in the world which is classified as a world heritage by the UNSECO.

After the magic visit the driver will drop you off at your hotel in Aswan safe and sound. 



Discover Luxor’s most beautiful monuments
Admire the view of the small village on the side of the Nile
Visit the most significant temple in the world, Abu Simbel Temple 



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