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The trip goes with respect to the animals without any harm to them. The boat drives around the spot and you slide in the water with a snorkel to see how the dolphins play, hug, and communicate under the water.
You also will use kayak to swim closer to the dolphins.
In the end of the trip the boat will make a stop on a coral reef where you can do snorkeling ( Snorkeling equipment we not Provide) and see a lot of colorful fish and marine habitats.
This will be the best trip in your life!
Other things to note
As the trip involves habitats of wild nature and depends on weather conditions, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will see dolphins. However, based on our experience in 99,9%’cases you will see a lot of dolphins



See dolphin in the wild
Watch the sunrise over Lovina Beach
Go on boat to see Dolphin and Enjoy the epic Sunrise Of Lovina



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