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Local food hunt and market Tour – Bagmati, Nepal

Discover Kathmandu's flavors in Ason Market Square, explore Basantapur's heritage, and spice it up with our $5 Food Challenge!


Embark on a Culinary and Cultural Odyssey: Kathmandu Food Hunt and Market Tour

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Kathmandu’s vibrant soul through our immersive Local Food Hunt and Market Tour. Your journey begins with a warm welcome from our expert guide, setting the stage for an extraordinary day of discovery.

1. Culinary Delights:

. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Kathmandu’s culinary scene, sampling
iconic Newari dishes like momos, yomaris, and baras.

. Connect with local chefs, unraveling the secrets behind these cherished recipes
while indulging in a flavorful feast.

2. Ason Market Square Adventure:

. Navigate the lively streets to reach Ason Market Square, the heartbeat of
Kathmandu’s oldest market.

. Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors, scents, and sounds as you explore stalls
teeming with local produce, clothing, and footwear.

3. $5 USD Food Challenge (Optional):

. Elevate your experience by opting for the $5 Food Challenge, a thrilling
exploration of unique local delicacies that promises an extra dash of

4. Basantapur UNESCO Heritage Experience:

. Venture into Basantapur, Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage
Site adorned with palaces, temples, and courtyards.

. Immerse yourself in the rich history, capturing the essence of Kathmandu’s
evolution against a backdrop of stunning architecture.

5. Cultural Encounters:

. Witness traditional practices and rituals within Basantapur, offering an
interactive glimpse into the daily lives of the locals.

. Capture vibrant moments that unfold amidst this historical and cultural tapestry.

6. Farewell:

. Conclude your culinary and cultural journey with a heartfelt farewell, leaving
you with cherished memories of a day filled with flavors, market wonders, and
cultural immersion.

Unearth the soul of Kathmandu with us as we blend the culinary treasures, market marvels, and historical wonders that define this captivating city. This tour promises an authentic and enriching experience that transcends the ordinary, creating lasting memories of your time in Kathmandu.



Culinary : Explore Kathmandu’s flavors with a focus on authentic Newari dishes
Market Marvels: Immerse in Ason Market’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse offering
UNESCO Heritage: Visit Basantapur for a historical and cultural immersion
Guides: Knowledgeable hosts enhance your journey with insightful narrative



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