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Explore Lima’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is packed with fascinating historic buildings. Your tour will begin with a scenic tour in the colonial downtown, which radiates from the Main Square. It is here that you can appreciate countless examples of grandiose colonial architecture.

Afterwards, you will stroll over to the cathedral, before visiting Casa Aliaga. Casa Aliaga is a colonial mansion gifted in 1535 by chief conquistador Francisco Pizarro to Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of his captains.

This is the only house from that era that still belongs to the same family after all these centuries. Following this house, you will experience the Larco Museum, which lies in the traditional Pueblo Libre district. The museum boasts the most complete pre-Hispanic collection of gold and silver artifacts, as well as pieces of erotic art.



Stroll through the beautiful historic center of Lima.
Enjoy Casa Aliaga and learn about its history.
Visit the Main Square, surrounded by historic buildings.
Explore Larco Museum, chosen as one of the best museums in the world.
Have an enjoyable time in an 18th-century vice-royal building at Museo Larco.



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