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Relax on a comfortable bus with necessary facilities transfer between Lima Airport and Lima Miraflores Ovalo (Kennedy Park) with Quickllama airport shuttle. The bus operates daily from 03:00 to 22:00, with the frequency of about 60 minutes.

Avoid the hassle of navigating the public transportation system before or after a long journey, instead, relax and enjoy the views from the comfort of your seat. All buses are wheelchair and bicycles accessible and have space for bulky luggage.

Board a modern bus to leave your worries behind, and arrive on time at your destination at the airport, or in the city. Staying connected with your friends with free WiFi. Moreover, pets are allowed as long as they are in boxes or cages of appropriate sizes and that do not bother other passengers. Blind and deaf people can travel with their guide dogs. Be greeted and supported by staff who will help you onboard.



Access high speed WiFi onboard to stay connected to the world
Pets are allowed to be on board.
Enjoy the comfort and cleanliness space throughout the trip



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