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Indra Jatra Tour – , Nepal

The biggest religious street festival in Kathmandu, Nepal


This Indra Jatra festival tour is a trip where we will observe all the main events of Indra Jatra which is the biggest street festival of Nepal and is admired not only by the locals but also by foreigners. The Indra Jatra is a festival for all the senses. The air is aromatized with the smell of incense, and the sound of the traditional drums called Dhimay Baja played by the Newari community is tranquil to the ears. For the eyes, one can behold the incarnation of Goddess Taleju also known as the living goddess Kumari. The Kumari is revered and admired as she holds the power to bring good fortune.

This festival generally falls in late August and sometimes in early September. This is also the season when it is the most ideal time to visit Nepal since it is autumn season and the weather is likely to be just right. Also the skies will be clear most of the day, giving you plenty of opportunities to grab spectacular views of the faraway mountain ranges.

Day 01: Join in Festival
This day is special for Indra festival to explore in crowded with people in Kathmandu valley, and back to same hotel



Observe the chariot procession of living goddess Kumari
Observe a spectacular Lakhe (demon) dance
Participate in various pole-pulling events



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