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Nowadays, the images of cities are getting closer and similar globally. Hutongs are unique to Beijing, which are lanes and alleys typical in Beijing, like blood vessels, spread over every corner of the old city.

But today we will take you to the best hutongs beside beautiful waters. While you are walking in the 300 to 700 hundred years Old hutongs, you will experience the real local life.

Best choice to get the most uniqueness experience in Beijing: rickshaw puller carry you to go through the ancient alleyways. The rickshaw is a hooded tricycle, which is the ancient taxi for nobles and rich business people. When president Nixon came to visit China in 1972 with his wife, they really liked this unique experience wandering in the old alleyways beside the beautiful waters. We will also go to visit one local family to say “ni hao” to the locals, enjoy the free chatting with them. You will be welcomed to visit their traditional courtyard house, even you can see the kitchen and living room, etc

2:00PM: Tour guide meets all tourists from the Exit A2 of Shichahai subway station of Line 8.

2:00-2:30PM: Visit a Taoism temple beside the the Jing-hang canal and Wanning bridge built by Mongolian dynasty. To see what religion does Chinese young guys believe in and learn the local religion and the gods’ stories.

2:30-3:00PM: Walk beside the beautiful water to the Yandy Byway-ancient commercial street, some free time for you to try some local snacks, and to buy some souvenirs from the local stores.

Options: Visit a local family, here you can talk to the local families and have a look at the layout of traditional courtyard house, bedroom, living and kitchen’s looking.

It’s 60CNY per person for about 30 minutes.

Walk through some hutongs to see the traditional courtyard houses for the rich and poor. Your guide will share interesting and meaningful stories with you.
Walk to the Square located in between the Drum and Bell Towers, to learn the stories of Beijingers from old dynasties till now.

Around 4:30-5:00PM, finish our walking tour in the Square, you can choose to buy your own ticket to climb the Drum Tower or have lunch in a very good dumpling restaurant together to say goodbye to each other.



Houhai lake and Qian hai lake
Yandai byway-ancient commercial street
Public square located in between the Drum and Bell Towers
Ancient bridges and temples
Local snack stores



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