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Hotstone Luxury – Central Vietnam, Vietnam

Embark on a lavish 100minute journey of indulgence with our Hotstone Luxury therapy at Maia Wellness Spa. Immerse yourself in the ultimate pampering experience, where expert hands, soothing hot stone


Escape into pure luxury with our 100-minute Hotstone Luxury Massage at Maia Wellness Spa. Your journey begins in our elegantly designed relaxation lounge, where tranquility sets the tone for what awaits. Greeted by our skilled therapists, you’ll be guided to a beautifully appointed treatment room, designed to evoke a sense of opulence and serenity.

As you settle onto the plush massage table, the ambiance is enhanced by soft lighting and the soothing aroma of essential oils. Your therapist starts with a brief consultation to customize the experience based on your preferences and needs. The session commences with the placement of warm, smooth hot stones strategically along energy points on your body, inducing a deep sense of relaxation.

The massage begins, expert hands skillfully combining the therapeutic benefits of hot stones with precise massage techniques. You’ll feel tension melting away, and the gentle warmth of the stones amplifying the soothing effects of the massage. The carefully selected essential oils add another layer to the experience, engaging your senses and promoting overall well-being.

Midway through the session, your therapist seamlessly transitions to focus on specific areas, addressing any tension or discomfort you may have. The synergy of hot stones, expert touch, and aromatic oils creates a harmonious balance, promoting not just physical relaxation but also mental and emotional tranquility.

As the session nears its conclusion, your therapist ensures you are gently brought back to the present moment. You’ll leave the treatment room feeling not only rejuvenated but also indulged in the lap of luxury. Before bidding farewell to this opulent experience, take a moment in our post-treatment relaxation area, sipping on herbal tea and savoring the lingering sensations of tranquility.

The Hotstone Luxury Massage at Maia Wellness Spa is more than a treatment; it’s a journey into pure bliss, where every minute is designed to elevate your senses and leave you with a lasting sense of well-being.



Targeted Relief: Precise pressure points for instant tension release.
Aromatic Bliss: Enhance relaxation with soothing aromatic oils.
Skilled Therapists: Expert hands ensuring a rejuvenating experience.



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