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Our Tour Guide will pick you up from your hotel in the early morning, to start the tour by visiting one of the seven ancient wonders that still exist, the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops/Khufu) along with the pyramids of (Khafre and Mycerinos).
Then we go to the second stop “The Panoramic View” which is the Panorama of the Giza Pyramids, which is the best view of the pyramids where also you can do the camel ride.
Our last stop will be the Sphinx and the valley temple of King Khafre. which is the oldest and the biggest structure of a Sphinx.

The second visit will be to the Papyrus Museum, where we will see how ancient Egyptian used Papyrus to write the history of Egypt and how they extracted out from the papyrus plant. To make the oldest and strongest paper in history, the guide will explain the most important stories depicted on the Papyrus by the ancient Egyptians.

Right after we go northwest of the city to Saqqara “The First Pyramid on the planet” which is the Step Pyramid., dating to (c. 2670–2650 BC) the 3rd dynasty in ancient Egypt. Also, we will visit different kinds of tombs dating to the old kingdom in Ancient Egypt, and the Pyramids’ texts that were mentioned for the first time in the 5th dynasty.

The Last visit will be to “Memphis”, the first capital of ancient Egypt. That also served as an important religious cult centre.



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you will go inside the pyramid so don’t think much about the pharaohs’ curse.



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