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Explore Mount Bromo and the biggest caldera in Indonesia, The Tengger Caldera, It is derived from Mount Tengger. The Tengger Caldera located in East Java is the largest caldera in Indonesia, with a total circumference of 46 kilometers. It should also be noted, that the caldera is included in the category of ancient calderas and erupted thousands of years ago. Then from the eruption, a super large caldera was formed which included several mountains, such as Mount Bromo.

You will be picked up from your hotel or train station in Probolinggo city at 1am, than you will heading to the south for 1 hour driving. After arriving at our hub, you will be transferred to a 4×4 vehicle and head to bromo semeru tengger national park. Your first destination is Prahu Hill, a point on the Tengger Caldera facing directly towards Mount Bromo, Bukit Batok, Widodaren and Mount Semeru. you will be presented with an amazing view, side by side with the sunrise.

At 6 am we will go down to the sea of sand inside the tengger caldera to take a photo session with the widodaren hill as a background.
At around 6.30, the climb to Mount Bromo begins. you will walk for 1.5km with a travel time of 20-40 minutes one way. 60% of the track is flat on sand, the remaining 40% is uphill, with an elevation gain of about 129 meters from your starting point to the summit (2,137-2,266), the highest side of Mount Bromo’s caldera is 2,329m. Before reaching the top you are required to climb stairs of 250 steps. At the top you will see the crater floor of an active volcano, with sulfurous smoke always coming out, and a roar from the bottom of the crater. A stunning views of the surroundings from above.

After everything has been explored, you will return to the jeep, and return to our hub for a simple breakfast. And heading back to Probolinggo city around 10am.



Be a witness to an ancient volcano, Mount Tengger, with Mount Bromo in it.
See the stunning sunrise from the best side in the bromo area.
Listen to the roar of an active volcano with smoke that always comes out.
Take the best photos of the sea of sand with the widodaren hill as background



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