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Experience the mysticism of the historic city of Chichen Itzá with a visit to its archaeological site, named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Take a detour during your trip to Yucatán and join an excursion from Mérida to learn about history, swim in a sacred cenote, and taste authentic food.

Head directly to Chichén Itzá on a bus ride from Mérida. Make the most of your travel time by hearing about the Mayan civilization and its history from your expert guide. Reach Chichén Itzá while it’s still early before the crowds arrive and the heat sets in.

Admire the perfection of El Castillo, recognized as the masterpiece of the complex. Visit the old field where the pre-Hispanic ball game was played, the Mayan astronomical observatory known as El Caracol, and the Temple of the Warriors. Take some time to explore at your own pace.

Up next, taste a delicious Mexican buffet lunch with vegetarian options and recharge energies before heading to your next stop. Discover a beautiful cenote, a natural freshwater pool, where you can swim in its cool waters, sacred to the Mayans. Hop back on the bus and return safely to Mérida.



Get in touch with the ancient Mayans and their culture while in Yucatán
Experience the magic of the historic Chichen Itzá, a New Wonder of the World
Explore El Castillo, El Caracol, the Temple of the Warriors, and other sites
Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch of authentic Mexican food with vegetarian options
Cool down by taking a relaxing dip in a sacred cenote to finish off the day



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