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From Galle: Private Day Trip to Turtle Hatchery & Madu Ganga – Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Experience the natural biodiversity of Sri Lanka on a private day trip from Galle. Visit Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa's Country Estate, a turtle hatchery, Balapitya, and take a boat tour on the Madu Ganga.


Enjoy a private educational day trip from Galle to learn about Sri Lanka’s biodiversity. See Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa’s Country Estate and get up close to baby turtles in a hatchery, before feeling the thrill of a boat tour along the Madu Ganga. Discover the mangrove forests of Balapitya and relax with a foot massage from fish at a river hut.
Get picked up from your hotel in Galle and travel through picturesque scenery to reach Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa’s Country Estate. Take a tour around the beautifully designed gardens and learn about the history of the site.
Travel on to a turtle hatchery to observe the process of conservation first hand. Watch baby turtles growing up in care pools and see all kinds of different fully-grown species.
Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s river network on a boat tour down the Madu Ganga to the small coastal town of Balapitya. Explore the dense mangrove forests that grow upon the banks and visit a local Buddhist monastery on a nearby island.

Finish your trip at a hut in the middle of the river to have your feet massaged by a shoal of fish.



Observe conserved baby turtles taking their first swim at a local hatchery
Learn about the rich history of Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa’s Country Estate
Keep an eye out for exotic wildlife in its natural habitat on the Madu Ganga
Ride on Madu Ganga on a boat tour to reach the mangrove forests of Balapitya
Stop at a peaceful Buddhist monastery on the river’s edge in Balapitya



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