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From Dubai: Fujairah East Coast Tour – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Enjoy a tour from Dubai of the Fujairah East Coast, passing the Dibba, Kalba, and Sharjah settlements. Visit the Fujairah Museum and Heritage Museum, see the oldest mosque in the UAE, and more.


Explore the northern Emirates of the UAE on this sightseeing tour from Dubai, and visit Dibba, Kalba, and Sharjah.

Visit the Fujairah Museum and Fujairah Heritage Village, as well as Fujairah Fort perched high on a hill. Once the center of Fujairah life, the former sentry has housed a prison and has withstood attack from British naval forces and occupation by fearsome Wahabbists.

Today, the historic landmark has opened its gates to the public to provide an insight into the pivotal role it once played.

Continue to the oldest mosque in the UAE, dating back to the 15th century. The mosque was once known as the Ottoman Mosque, but its name comes from the person who constructed it rather that the Ottoman Empire.
Enjoy amazing views from the mountain road as you travel through the Hajar Mountain range, and more, before heading back to Dubai.



Journey through the Hajar Mountains of Fujairah and enjoy spectacular views
See the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Oman
Visit the oldest mosque in the UAE



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