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Discover the greatness of the ancient Pharaohs by visiting their legendary temples in Luxor. Start your tour moving from your hotel in Cairo in the early morning towards Cairo Airport, taking the flight towards Luxor. Upon arrival at Luxor, you will be met, by our representative, then have a blissful day tour kicking off at Karnak Temple, the greatest example of worship in the history, dedicated to the God Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu, then pay a visit to Luxor Temple to see its courtyard and the granite status of Ramses the great where you will see Avenue of sphinxes

Then pay a visit to Valley of The Kings, containing the masterpieces of the ancient Egyptian tombs. Then move onto Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only Pharaonic woman who reigned Ancient Egypt. Moreover, Colossi of Memnon which are tow gigantic statues representing Amenphis III, lunch will be served during your trip. Then you will be driven to Luxor airport & back to Cairo.



Take a flight to Luxor to discover the greatness of temples.
Spend precious time in the tremendous Hatshepsut temple.
Have a look at the two massive stone statues of Amenhotep.
Have this Wonderful experience in only one day.



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