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Day 01: Cairo – Fayoum
Early morning pick up from your hotel with 4×4 then . Drive to fayoum oasis stop by the magic lake then drive to lake qarun then drive to Wadi Rayan – a natural depression, located in the Western Desert, 42 meters below sea level. Visit the amazing waterfalls.
Continue to Wadi Hitan, also known as Valley of the Whales. On the way stop at Mudawara Mountain – a magnificent spot overlooking the beautiful landscape below where deep blue waters meet the golden yellow sand. Then explore the national park of Wadi Hitan – a fascinating area, which is placed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Considered as an open museum, it dates back to 40 million years and it is the most significant place in the world to demonstrate the evolution of whales. More than 400 types of whale and sea cow skeletons, other bones, shells and plant fossils have been identified here, some of them preserved in soft rocks. Lunch then visit Tunis village then move to the hotel dinner and over night.

Day 02: White desert

Early morning transfer to Oasis Bahariya, about 06 hours drives, 440 kilometers arrive Bahariya oasis then lunch, After lunch, you will start an afternoon tour amongst top sights of Bahariya, including Salty Lake, Dest (Pyramid Mountain) & Maghrafa Mountain, stroll to Bir el Ghaba & el Matar warm springs with opportunity for bathing then move to visit to the English Mountain. Return to your hotel Dinner and overnight.

Day 03: White desert – Bahariya Oasis

Early morning breakfast before journeying out into the Black Desert surrounding Bahariya Oasis, where the iron in the desert is one of the reasons for the black rocks. You will walk to explore Gabal el Marsos (Divided Mountain), and then drive towards the small Bedouin village El Hez to visit the natural spring then have outdoor lunch break, Making your way to the White Desert 160-km on/off road, you will stop by the Crystal Mountain & Agabat valley el Sharkia, El Santa tree ,flower stone, and later drive to the new white desert with its chalky, cream landscape, and the wind carved mushroom-shaped formations that resemble both human and animal faces. For dinner and camping under the stars.

Day 04: White Desert — Dakhla Oasis

Wake up from a peaceful and lovely night, breakfast and return all over the road across the White Desert. Move to dakhla oasis arrive dakhla afternoon visit elkaser Islamic village then move to the hotel.

Day 05: Kharga Oasis

After breakfast fast drive from dakhla oasis to kharga oasis stop visiting bagwat necropolis then hipis temple and nadora temple and sleep in hotel

Day 06: Kharga Oasis – Luxor

After breakfast take our van and drive directly to Luxor and end the program.



Disconnect from the modern world and escape the hustle and bustle
Marvel at sprawling sandy landscapes that stretch across the horizon
Explore the beautiful Bahariya Oasis with your guide
Enjoy lunch against the stunning desert backdrop



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