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Enjoy your Trip to Abu Simbel by Flight. Our Representative will pick you up from your hotel in Aswan to fly to Abu Simbel which its main attraction is the great sun temple of RamsesII and the Temple of Queen Nefertari. Both temples were discovered in 1813 it was almost completely covered with sand. Then both temples were moved in 1960 by the help of Egyptian government and U N E S C O to avoid the rising water of the Nile. Ramses II built the temple mostly to honour himself as inside there is a mural depicting his famous victory at Kadesh battle where his army defeated his enemies. On the north of Ramses temple, the Nefertari Temple which was built by Ramses II to his favourite wife Queen Nefertari among other 200 wives and concubines. After finishing the visit you will fly back to Aswan and then you will be driven back to your hotel.



Take your flight to Abu Simbel to witness the grandeur of the temple.
Have a look at the four impressively gigantic statues on the façade.
Visit the great sun temple of Ramses II
Know more about the history of the temples and king Ramses II.
Enjoy the charming beauty of Nasser Lake.



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