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As you wander the enchanting streets of Seville, you’ll be immersed in the pulsating heart of flamenco, where vibrant colors, rhythmic sounds, and a deeply rooted culture converge. Embrace the freedom of exploring at your own pace, armed with your smartphone and headphones, as you embark on a captivating journey through the Triana district, delving into the origins and rich history of flamenco, and further exploring the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Along the way, be captivated by insightful storytelling, guiding you through each fascinating point of interest. Feel free to customize your experience, either opting to enter the Flamenco Museum and indulge in the mesmerizing Flamenco shows (at your expense) or savoring the landmarks from the outside, all while savoring the authentic essence of this timeless art form. The time needed to complete the walk is relative, as it depends on the speed at which the various points on the route are reached. The time shown refers to listening (audio) + the calculated average walking time from one point to the next without stopping.



Savour the art of Flamenco by walking Seville’s streets
Listen to the insightful storytelling and learn about the Flamenco Dance
Discover Flamenco origins, curiosities and tips on where to go!
Walk by the Triana District, Flamenco Museum and Santa Cruz
Follow an interactive map directly on your smartphone and explore the Flamenco



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