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Flamenco originated in Andalusia in southern Spain and combines music, singing, rhythmic hand clapping, and dancing. In this fun and interactive 60-minute session, you’ll learn the basics of Flamenco, some of the dance steps, heel-clicking, and the body and hand movements.
The lesson is an interesting way to gain an insight into Spanish culture while having a great time trying out something new. IT is fun for adults and kids alike and makes for a very nice idea for any group activity, corporate team building, or families that would like to have an interactive workshop.

The venue is a very authentic courtyard where many different artists work, so you’ll feel immersed in the culture even before your class begins. At the end of the class, you will have learned an entire flamenco choreography.

In addition to your lesson, you can book a high-quality Flamenco show so you can see seasoned professionals moving to the music you’ve heard and with the steps you’ve learned.



Learn about Flamenco music and basic dance steps
Practice clicking your heels and clapping your hands with an expert
Meet locals in an authentic cultural setting



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