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Extreme activity | Bungee Jumping | – Cusco, Peru

An extreme activity in which you will jump from 122 meters high, you will feel the adrenaline and the wind hitting your face. This activity is considered the highest in Latin America.


The activity of Bungee Jumping or also known as Bungee Jumping is an Extreme Sport which consists of jumping from a considerable height tied from an elastic rope around the ankles, the rope cushions the fall and bounces until it stops.

-The activity has daily departures from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
-The tour starts with the pick up from the hotel, then we will travel to Poroy until we arrive to the platform where we will perform the activity.
-Upon arrival we will receive important instructions before the activity, we will be given the safety equipment and once ready we will be placed on the platform to launch us to more than 125 meters high, we will feel the adrenaline and the wind.
-After the activity we will return to Cusco.



Experience the adrenaline of jumping from a considerable height.
Extreme sports that you must do sometime in your life
In Poroy you will experience some of the most extreme activities in Cusco.



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