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Dubai : Hotel pickup | Private Ancient Dubai, Souqs & Creek – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience an authentic private Old Dubai & souqs tour with your guide Baba'. Explore the secrets and hidden gems of this traditional area. Get the best tips and avoid "tourists traps" in the souqs.


Experience the essence of traditional Dubai’s history, culture, and souks (local markets) on a guided trip from Dubai. Discover the captivating charm of old Dubai while exploring the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Ride on a traditional abra boat and taste local drinks and sweets.

Explore the enchanting neighborhood of Al Fahidi (Bastakiya), the birthplace of Dubai’s history. Immerse yourself in the culture and history through captivating stories and anecdotes as you explore alongside your guide.

Explore ancient traditional houses and immerse yourself in the fascinating lives of the local inhabitants from days gone by. Uncover the secrets of local architecture and trace the remarkable journey of Dubai’s development.

Indulge in a sensory and culinary experience as you savor local sweets, tea, and other delicacies. Learn the secrets of preparing traditional tea and explore the world of spices.

Later, unwind as you cross the river on a traditional Abra boat. Visit spice and gold souks for a taste of local life. Discover the hidden treasures of local souks as you look, explore, and shop for local products. See where ancient tales come to life.



Step back in time while exploring the enchanting neighborhood of Al Bastakiya
Immerse yourself in local culture and history through stories told by your guide
Enjoy a sensory and culinary experience while exploring Old Dubai
Savor the flavors of Dubai tea, drinks, sweets, and other specialty items
Cross the river with traditional abra boat



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