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Dubai: Guided Scuba Dive for Certified divers at Deep Dive – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience a dive for certified divers at the world's deepest pool with an entry ticket to Deep Dive Dubai. Choose your preferred student-to-instructor ratio for a guided dive up to 30 meters deep.


Whether you are a new diver or a veteran technical diver with thousands of dives, or anything in between, Deep Dive Dubai is what you are looking for. Explore the different sections of our underwater city up to the depths allowed by your certification with open-water divers to 12m, 18m, advanced to 30m. All experiences include one of our professional dive guides to show you around and make sure you get the most out of your experience.



Up to the highest depths of 10 meters, 18 meters, or 30 meters
Discover the various areas of our underwater city
One of our qualified dive guides is included in every experience



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