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Dubai: Full-Day Sea Safari to Musandam – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Oman on a 12-hour tour to Musandam. Transfer from Dubai in comfort, and then explore the beautiful landscape by dhow boat. Enjoy a buffet lunch on board, and take part in water sport activities.


Discover the scenic beauty of Musandam and the Gulf of Oman by dhow boat on a full-day tour from Dubai. Soak up the peace and quiet of the Gulf as you enjoy an on-board buffet lunch.

Following a pick-up from Dubai in the morning, sit back and relax on the 3-hour transfer to the Gulf of Oman. Located in the northernmost part of Oman, Musandam is a gateway to natural sea treasures. Marvel at the rugged and isolated coastline, surrounded by the peaks of the Hajar Mountains. The mountains rise directly from the sea to form a spectacular fjord-like scenery.

Discover hidden caves and bays and pebble beaches as you cruise the turquoise waters. Sunbathe, look for dolphins from the boat, and stop swim and snorkel in translucent waters.
Then, enjoy a buffet lunch aboard the traditional dhow, equipped with comfortable seats, cushions, and carpets.



Discover the pristine waters of Musandam and the Gulf of Oman
Climb aboard a traditional dhow and cruise across the turquoise waters
Sit down to a full buffet lunch and eat while enjoying sea views
Admire the towering peaks of the Hajar Mountains from the water
Explore hidden caves and sheltered bays as you cruise along the coast



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