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Lots of travelers leave Bali without getting the opportunity to try authentic Indonesian food, nor the exciting chance to visit the bustling city of Denpasar. Escape the tourist trail for the island’s bustling capital on this tour and receive the best way to get a true local experience of Denpasar at night. Visit Denpasar, Bali’s capital and biggest city whilst you learn about its culture – make sure you bring your appetite for this one!

Upon pick-up from your hotel, your experienced foodie guide will take you to Kreneng, a hot spot known for its night market where all the locals go for the best authentic food in town. You will make stops at five different spots that allow you to taste some of the island’s best flavors from Babi Guling (suckling pig), soto ayam, satay, rice cake as well as local desserts and snacks such as Martabak, Jaja Bali and some tropical fruits.

Customize your experience with add-ons, such as polaroid camera photographs, a Kecak dance show, coffee tastings, and traditional massages. (some add-ons are only available for some options).



Explore Denpasar and its beautifully lit areas on the streets of Pasar Kreneng
Try some of Bali’s mouth-watering delicacies at authentic food venues
Eat like a local in small side streets and in the biggest night food market
Delight your taste buds with soto, satay, suckling pig and tropical fruits
Enhance and customize the experience with a list of optional add-ons



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