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Embark on an unparalleled aerial journey in Chiang Mai’s heart. Feel the rush of soaring like a hawk over verdant rainforests on one of the city’s longest ziplines, spanning an impressive 900 meters. With 36 platforms and 21 ziplines coupled with an adrenaline-pumping 2,100m Jungle Luge, your day is set for an action-packed adventure. Our experiences, meticulously crafted by professional engineers, ensure both thrill and safety, with top-tier gear promising a secure journey.

The essence of this escapade isn’t just about the heights and speeds. Challenge friends or family to uncover every corner of our activity area, leaving no stone unturned. Our commitment extends beyond just fun; we’re ardent advocates of environmental conservation, ensuring our adventures leave minimal footprints and maximum memories. Thus, every glide and ride you take not only quenches your thrill-thirst but also contributes to preserving the majestic beauty of the northern Thai jungle for future generations.

Convenience and care are paramount in our offerings. Your adventure begins with a comfortable pickup from your Chiang Mai hotel, followed by comprehensive safety training. Post your aerial exploits, refuel with a sumptuous buffet lunch, sipping on refreshing beverages, and savoring seasonal fruits. Conclude your day reconnecting with nature on a serene 5-minute trail walk before being safely chauffeured back to your accommodation. Embrace the adventure, cherish the memories.



Discover Chiang Mai’s longest zipline adventure.
Admire nature’s beauty while soaring over lush rainforests.
Experience adrenaline-packed rides, expertly crafted for safety.
Learn about our commitment to environmental conservation.
Cherish memories forged amidst northern Thai jungle’s majesty.



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