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The XC Forest ride is a great spot for families with kids new to mountain biking. The trails are both challenging and peaceful, which allows for kids to improve their skills. Parents can accompany their children with ease and no safety concerns thanks to truck support. The Mae Kuang dam also provides a stunning rest stop with lunch and swimming options. This ride is an adventure that the whole family can cherish.

When: 9:30 am-3:30 pm. All year rain or shine
Trip: From deep jungle to the Mae Ping River Basin, trip can be easily modified to suit all level of riders
Location: Doi Saket… to Mae Ping River
Biking time: approx.: 3-4 hrs, 22 km
Elevation change: 300 feet (100m)
Riding Conditions: Rural country, farm road, single track
Flora: Plantations, eucalyptus, pine forest, tropical Jungle
Levels: All abilities, great for school classes and families with children
Personal fitness: Okay
Instructions: Yes



Mountain bike , Jungle single track, off road and country road
Swim at the lake after working up a sweat
Expert guides teaching single tack riding and vehicle support to the lake.



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