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Embark on a half-day exploration of Chiang Mai’s cultural treasures. Begin with the mesmerizing Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, an ancient temple dating back to 1383. Perched on a mountain, this sanctuary offers unparalleled views of Chiang Mai, and its history is enriched with tales of white elephants and sacred Buddha relics. Choose between a symbolic 306-step ascent or the convenience of a tram ride to reach its pinnacle.

Venture further to discover the Hmong village, where the traditions and artistry of the Hmong Tribe come alive. Experience firsthand their distinctive way of life, delving into nuances that many travelers never witness. Every aspect of this village visit promises a deeper understanding of Thai culture.

Your journey is both enlightening and comfortable. From hotel pickup in a cozy air-conditioned vehicle to the scenic drive up Doi Suthep mountain, every detail is thoughtfully curated. As the tour concludes, return to your hotel with a heart full of memories and a richer appreciation of Chiang Mai’s heritage.



Discover ancient legends at a mystical mountaintop temple.
Admire breathtaking panoramas of Chiang Mai’s skyline.
Immerse in the vibrant traditions of the Hmong Tribe.
Relish a curated journey, blending comfort and culture.



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