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For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a chance to connect with the ocean’s most fascinating creatures, our Marlin Swim in Mag Bay tour is the perfect adventure. This unforgettable experience takes place just off the coast of Magdalena Bay, where you can snorkel and free dive with striped marlins and other pelagic animals.
In the nutrient-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean north of Cabo San Lucas lies Mag Bay, where pelagic predators create a breathtaking display. Striped marlin hunt sardines and push them to shallow water, allowing you to snorkel and free dive with large bait balls of striped marlin, dorado, and sea lions. Super squadrons of mobula rays, pods of dolphins, and various types of whales and orcas can also be spotted in the same area. The healthy environment is highlighted by thriving mangroves, kelp, and thousands of sea birds.
Day 1: Your journey starts with transportation to Magdalena Bay, taking approximately 5 hours. Enjoy exploring the Baja desert and local restaurants along the way. Check into your peaceful hotel and savor a delicious Mexican dinner.
Day 2: Your marlin swim adventure begins at sunrise, with opportunities to see various marine life from 6 am to 5 pm. Enjoy breakfast and lunch on the boat. After a long day, return to your hotel for a warm shower and dinner.
Day 3: Extend your water days based on your preference. The trip takes one day to travel there, one day back, with additional days in the water.



Experience the thrill of snorkeling and free diving with striped marlins
Witness the spectacle of striped marlins hunting sardines
Enjoy exploring the Baja desert and local restaurants along the way



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