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Our guide arrives for you, at the lobby of your hotel, we will go to live the experience of the Mayan World. They make a dive, in a different cenote. Diving is done according to the diver’s certification level. The current Mayan communities are visited, as well as the cenote in jungle environments. It is suitable for those who want to experience the calm waters of the cenote and enjoy nature from the depths. The tour offers a sandwich, fruit and water with the option of eating a typical meal at the cenote site or in a nearby Mayan community, or eating at one of the old and restored henequen haciendas in the area and then returning to the Merida city. Recommendations: Be of legal age or be over 10 years of age accompanied by an adult, Know how to swim, Fill out the corresponding forms, Bring a change of dry clothes.




We will visit the current Mayan communities
You will experience the calm waters of the cenote and nature from its depth.
Don’t miss out on the incredible views



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