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Experience the fresh morning breeze from Menorah Hill as you witness the stunning beauty of Borobudur’s misty hills, with Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu in the background. Afterward, take a bike ride through the traditional Javanese village surrounded by lush green paddy fields. You can interact with friendly villagers who always wave and smile as you paddle. End the day with a visit to the magnificent Borobudur Temple, which has ten levels of understanding the thousands of relief panels. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the largest Buddhist monument worldwide and the most visited spot in Indonesia. Borobudur took 75 years to construct from two million intricately carved volcanic rocks, using a complex interlocking technique without the use of cement or mortar. Besides its enchanting beauty and high artistic value, Borobudur is a structure rich in history, culture, and religion.



Java a land that calling you back
Discover 10 level of Borobudur temple
Misty morning at menoreh hill with 2 volcano as the foreground



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