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See Uluwatu Temple, a beautiful oceanside temple on the southern tip of Bali, Indonesia. Perched on a cliff, take in breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. During sunset, watch the Kecak Fire Dance.

This traditional Balinese performance involves a group of performers who chant “cak-cak-cak” while enacting a story from the Ramayana, a Hindu epic. Enjoy the combination of the dramatic cliffside setting, the vibrant dance performance, and the backdrop of the setting sun over the ocean creating a magical and unforgettable moment for visitors. Visit Jimbaran

Bay for a delightful seafood dinner and relish the freshness of the local seafood while basking in the romantic setting of the beach. Enjoy a memorable and enchanting evening in Bali.



Enjoy a hotel pickup and briefing before the activity
Discover Uluwatu Temple: A marvel on Bali’s southern cliffside
Witness breathtaking sunset views over the Indian Ocean
Experience the mesmerizing Kecak Fire Dance performance
Head to Jimbaran Bay A romantic beach for culinary delights



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