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Start from your acomodation in bali on an ealry morning. Relax in comfortable transportation as we whisk you away to the base of Mount Batur.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, walk up to the mountain with local guide. As the sun begins to rise, get your breakfast while enjoy the views between Lake and Mountain.

After breakfast, you’ll explore the volcanic crater and Our guide will help to take your picture like a photographer and share insights into the geological history and cultural significance of Mount Batur.

Next, Back down and you’ll head to a serene natural hot spring located beside the Lake Batur. Feel the warmth of the original water that come from one of the volcanoes in Bali.

After that visit to the local coffee plantation. Discover the art of coffee production, from bean to cup, and savor a tasting of various Balinese coffee and tea varieties, including the famous Luwak coffe.



Watch the sunrise between the mountains
Hike up and breathe the fresh mountain air
Walk around the top for see crater and hot steam



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