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We start the tour when our guide arrives for you at the lobby of your hotel, we will go to know one of the new wonders of the world in a unique way. Our first stop will be at Z A Chichén Itzá where we will live the sunrise experiences with very few people in the archaeological zone, where we will see the K’IIN (the sun) rise, in the most impressive structures of Chichén Itzá the spectacular Castillo (Pyramid of Kukulkan), to later enjoy the temple of the warriors, the ball game, temples, the observatory and the sacred cenote. We delighted in a rich buffet-style meal at a Xaybeh hacienda restaurant in the town of Pisté, Yucatán (Apply for superior and plus rates). We continue our journey to the TSUKÁN Sanctuary of Life cenote, where our mission is to preserve nature, traditions and culture through experiences that connect our visitors with our beautiful state of Yucatán. It offers you lovers of tourism focused on nature and Mayan culture unique experiences in a natural environment, where the architecture that combines with the essence, the local flora and fauna stands out.



Live the experience of watching the sun rise in Chichén Itzá
Enjoy the architecture that blends with the local flora and fauna.
Taste the delicious Yucatecan food



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