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3 Days Omo Valley tribal tour

. You will visit Mursi tribe,Hammer tribe,Karo tribe and Ari tribes village . Most probably, you will experience unique rituals like the Bull Jumping Ceremony if you book with us!

Gondar and Bahir Dar: Castles, ancient churches, waterfalls

Visit Gondar's 17thC Castle Compound and the iconic church of Debre Birhan Selassie. Then to Bahir Dar for ancient Zege monasteries and the Blue Nile Falls (the Simien Mountains as an extra option).

Best of Addis Ababa

A perfect city tour, stress free experience in the capital city of Ethiopia. Discover Holy trinity Cathedral, National museum, the Entoto mountain, Piazza St. George church and detour Merkato Market.

Culinary Tour – Market, Food, Coffee Ceremony & more

Explore Ethiopia’s unique food and drink culture. Learn to make Ethiopian coffee in an immersive traditional ceremony, bake the spongy injera bread, and visit Merkato's spice market and more

Addis Abeba: Guided Tours of Addis Abeba

We present the one-day visit schedule. The best places to visit in Addis Ababa, if possible, we can include some other attractions of the capital city of Ethiopia.

2 Days around Addis Abeba

This tour allows you to enjoy some of the hidden gems in Addis Ababa combined with the famous landmarks and attractions like, national museum where the oldest human, Lucy is exhibited, Entoto.

12 days Ethiopia Tour

Explore the most fascinating and unique attraction of Ethiopia's best. This tour is designed to take you to the Danakil depressions, Omo-valley, Simien Mountains and Rock churches of Labella.

Day Tours to Debre Libanos monasteries

Drive north from Addis Ababa (about 100km) to the Debre Libanos Monastery. This monastery was founded in the 13th century by St. Tekle Haimanot, who, according to legend, prayed for 7 years straight.

Addis Ababa one-day tour – a great and varied city

Visit the National Museum, then move to the majestic St George's Cathedral. Lunch at the oldest hotel in Ethiopia, then a visit to the very new Entoto Natural Park plus the Mercato area if time.

Discover Addis Ababa within a day

Test Ethiopia within a day tour of Addis Ababa and have unforgettable time. You will experience a memorable day visit of Addis Ababa. learn about Ethiopia and its culture with single day tour.

Semera: Danakil Depression Guided 3-Day Tour w/ Camel Ride

Discover the incredible colors and unique scenery of the Danakil Depression on a three-day guided tour. Visit Lake Afdera, enjoy hot springs, visit a volcano on the back of a camel, and more.

Harar: an ancient walled city, the fourth holiest in Islam

Visit the 4th holiest city in Islam, spend two nights within its ancient walls in a very special, colourful traditional house. Visit French-influenced Dire Dawa and its early 20thC railway compound.

Danakil Depression 3 Days Guided Amazing Nature Expedition

Danakil depression adventure takes you to a completely different planet within our planet where the land speaks of many languages .The experience you will get teaches you to understand these languages

2 Days Awash National Park Safari Tours

Explore Awash and the park covers 756 square kilometres of acacia woodland and grassland. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has amazing waterfalls, hot springs amid groves of palm trees.

Omo valley Tour: Discover unique 0 century tribes culture

TAKING YOU ON THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Start your next adventure with kali omo valley

Cultural immersion with Omo Valley tribes

This will definitely be lifetime experience for anyone never been to Ethiopia. Omo Valley cultural expedition allows guests to immerse themselves into the most authentic lifestyles you would imagine in 21th century

Discover Omo Valley Tribes of Ethiopia

A perfect 4 days tour to Omo Valley tribes, stress free experience in the South-Omo Valley of Ethiopia. Experience bull jumping, Donga stick fighting, body decoration, dancing, rituals and ceremonies.

3 days Lalibela and nearby Excursions

Lalibela is referred as 'Jerusalem of Africa' and it is one of the most visited destinations in Ethiopia. You will explore the breathtaking underground churches curved out of monolithic rock in 12th century.

Omo Valley Tours: with Local Tour Guide

Experience 0 century living time. Explore deep to the variety of omo valley tribes. Discover Mursi,Karo,Dasenech,Hamar,Dorze and crocodile,paradise birds and Hippos on heart of Rift valley Lake chamo

Omo Valley Tours

Visit the unique Tribal Communities in Omo Valley of South Ethiopia.

Highlight tour to Omo valley

This wonderful itinerary offers visitors the extraordinary chance to travel through Ethiopia's untouched Southern region, where you will have the opportunity to meet the more isolated, colorful, and enigmatic ethnic groups in the heart of the Omo Valley.

Omo Valley Tribes 6 Days Tours

Explore Omo Valley Tribes comprised of over 200,000 people speaking 47 different languages. Historically, these ethnic groups have exhibited a fascinating range of cultural practices

Pinnacle Walking Tours of Addis Ababa

explore the vibrant city of Africa, market, and cultural life of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Visit the popular National Museum of Ethiopia, St. George church and the massive open-air market Mercato.

3 Days Simien Mountains Trekking

Trekking through the Simien Mountains Park gives you a chance to see both incredible wildlife , scenery and experience the local culture while trekking through remote villages.

2 Days Hyena Feeding & Historical Visit Of Old Town Harar

Explore Harar.... Harar is known locally as the City of Peace Harar is a sacred muslim walled town Harar is Africas “Mecca” The old town of Harar Jugol is the walled town

Lalibela and Gondar: Two great UNESCO World Heritage sites

Explore two UNESCO World Heritage sites - the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the Eighth Wonder of the World - the extraordinary Castle Compound of Gondar (and the Simien Mountains as an extra option)

From Lalibela: 3-Day Trekking Tour & Village Homestay

Embark on a three-day hike through the Amhara Region. Visit the Abune Yosef conservation area and experience the highlander village culture during homestays in Ad Medhane Alem and Tigu Kebele.

Gondar: Full-Day City Highlights Private Guided Tour

Explore the beauty of Gondar on a private full-day tour. Marvel at the iconic Qusquam Church, castles, picturesque streets, and other sites while hearing the history of the city.

Day tour to lake Naivasha and hell’s gate park

This is an experience where you get to enjoy biking safari, walk at the gorges and a beautiful boat ride on lake Naivasha

4 Days, 3 Nights Group Safari in a 4×4 Land Cruiser

Have an amazing experience at the Maasai Mara reserve and lake Nakuru park. In maasai mara you get to see the big five if you are lucky. You also get to see the flamingos at lake nakuru park.

Lalibela: Full-Day Guided Tour

Visit the remarkable ancient churches of Lalibela with your family or friends with a local tour guide. Start your adventure with provided transport and explore the city's famous religious landmarks and architecture.

Addis Ababa City Tour

This City Tour of Addis Ababa takes 6-8 hours. The tour starts around in the morning and you will be picked up by your Guide and Driver from the Airport or Hotel.

Addis Ababa: City Highlights Full-Day Tour with Hotel Pickup

This tour covers the main touristic sites, must see when in Ethiopia. Enjoy visiting the national museum home for Lucy 3.2 million old skeleton, explore Merkato east Africa's biggest open air market

Bahir Dar: Full-Day Guided City Tour and Lake Tana Boat Trip

Take a day trip to explore the lakeside town of Bahir Dar and the historical monasteries on the Zege Peninsula with hotel transfers. Ride a boat on Lake Tana, and hike to the Blue Nile Waterfalls.

Omo Valley: Explore the diverse beauty of fascinating tribes

There is a diverse beauty to be found in the fascinating tribes of the Mursi, Hamar, Konso... cultures of the Omo Valley. Crossing the life-giving Omo River with canoes Explore the Crocodile Market

From Bole: Tiya, Adadi Mariam, & Melka Kunture Private Trip

Embark on a private day trip from Bole to see the UNESCO World Heritage and archeological sites nearest to Addis Ababa. Visit Tiya, Adadi Mariam, and Melka Kunture with included entry tickets.

Food tours in Addis Ababa tastever with lunch

Ethiopia have a lot of delicious foods that are prepared from different ingredients and spicy. On this half day Experiencing and Learning How to Make Ethiopian Food tours clients

Addis Ababa: Monasteries, Wildlife, & Hike Private Day Trip

Immerse yourself in natural landscapes and meet endemic animals like gelada baboons on a private day trip from Addis Ababa. Visit the monastery of Debre Libanos and see an ancient Portuguese bridge.

Addis Ababa in a day

The tour combines some of the famous attractions like, national museum, Entoto Mountain park, Merkato, cathedrals, and some coffee tasting, sightseeing of squares. You can also improvise it based on your time.

Addis Ababa: Guided City Tour

Explore Addis Ababa on a sightseeing tour with a professional English-speaking guide. Visit the Holy Trinity Church, Ethnographic Museum, and tombs of Hailie Selassie. Marvel at the panoramas from Mount Entoto then stroll through the open-air markets.