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We start the tour when our guide arrives for you at the lobby of your hotel, we will go to the southwest of Yucatan to see one of the haciendas that opens in 2019 and learn a little about the history and the door to the underworld as the Mayans knew the cenotes .
The first stop will be the Z.A Uxmal “the three times built” located 80 km from the Yucatecan capital, to enjoy the architecture of the purest art called Puuc. Its Mayan buildings are worthy of admiration, which still envelop the mysticism of their legends. We will also visit the nuns’ quadrangle, the governor’s palace, the temple of the fortune teller and the great pyramid. The importance of Uxmal also has to do with the enormous amount of work invested in the construction of its buildings.
We will also visit the Mucuyché Hacienda and cenotes, where we will be able to enjoy the history of henequen, what the ruined farmhouse tells us. In that majestic Hacienda we can enjoy its cenotes, one of them bears the name of Carlota; a semi-open cenote, and a passage that connects with the second cenote that is cavern-like where you can still see a lot of history at the bottom of this cenote.
Then we will delight ourselves with regional Yucatecan food at the Hacienda Mucuyché restaurant. Then you will have free time in the pool with natural salts and minerals, unique in Yucatan.
We will return to Merida.



Admire the incredible Mayan architecture, which still surrounds its legends.
Relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the cenotes
Learn about the history of henequen and the case of the hacienda in ruins.



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