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Indonesia is a Republic but Yogyakarta is a Monarchy. This is one of the reasons why this province is called the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has Kraton (palace) where the king & royal family live and Tamansari (watercastle) as the former royal garden. In this experience, we will visit & explore those places and also do a bike tour of a village.

We will start picking you up from your accommodation in the morning. Then we will visit Kraton (Royal Palace). it takes around 1 hour. you will be guided by a Kraton on-site guide provided. Next is visiting Tamansari. it also takes around 1 hour. after that, we could stop for lunch if needed.

the third place to visit is a village. To reach that place, we need around 45 minutes driving. you will do the tour by bike. everything is already provided, namely the bicycles, guide, hats, water, and snacks. this experience takes a round 3 hours. bike tour is the last experience of the day, and after that we will go back and drop your off to your accomodation in the evening.



Learn the history of The Kingdom in Yogyakarta
See the Yogyakarta classic buildings & many collectibles inside the palaces
Sightseeing the local daily activity & Countryside by bicycling



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