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Because Chile is Mountain and Wine I will show the local identity under my perspective as a professional wine expert, as a professional botanist and as a Hiking passionate. It will be a walk in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We will be able to talk about life, you will be able to freely ask questions about Chile, its people and its culture. It will be like walking with a friend.Together we will enjoy a table full of delicacies. We will taste the best combinations of good Chilean wines with cheeses, charcuteries, breads, seasonal products, jams, chocolate, etc. I will teach you the basics of wine pairing.You will learn about botanical local information, about Chilean history, about hiking, about wines and food pairing. We will explore secret spots into the nature, we will cross a small river. After this authentic experience, you will be able to say that you have lived the real Chile and have breathed the mountains in a very rarely visited natural environment.

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