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The Mirador de Cóndores is an essential destination for lovers of nature, birds and hiking. Experience designed for a minimum of two people. From this observation point, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the majestic condors flying in their natural habitat. Located high in the mountains it offers a unique and exciting experience for those looking to connect with the natural beauty of Chile. You will be able to witness the majestic flight of the condors. Access is through scenic trails that will guide you to the observation point. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the lush vegetation and the tranquility of the surroundings. It is important to remember that the Mirador de Cóndores is a protected place, it is recommended to respect the rules and follow the instructions of our Guide to preserve this beautiful ecosystem. An experience that will leave you breathless and connect you with the greatness of the fauna and flora.

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