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Welcome to Versailles, where history comes alive. Our expertly curated audio tour is designed to transport you back in time, allowing you to discover the secrets and stories hidden within the walls of this magnificent palace. As you wander through the palace, our audio guide will be your personal companion, revealing the captivating tales of kings, queens, and the rich tapestry of court life. Feel the echoes of history as you traverse the Hall of Mirrors, where important treaties were signed and grand celebrations took place.

This Audio Tour will guide you through all the rooms in the Kings Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, Queen’s Apartments, Coronation Room and Gallery of Battles. Simply click on our link, pop your headphones in, pause, rewind and explore at your own pace.



Be transported back in time with this immersive Audio
Learn about the historic characters that made the Palace of Versailles unique
Discover history with Music and be transported to Louis XIV Palace



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