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Looking for a unique experience in Bali? Making your own jewelry allows you to have a fun experience. Spend 2-3 hours with an experienced silversmith. She will teach you how to craft your ideas into a wearable work of art.

Learn all about silver jewelry making. Using 5 grams of silver, make your own pair of earrings, ring or pendant. Work with an experienced silversmith to transform new silver into perfect works of art. Fun, challenging and a great way to spend your free time in Bali.

First we will be introduced to the materials and tools that will be used. Jewelry designs can be seen in the catalog book that has been provided. You can also make your own on paper, but first check to see if the design can be made within 2 hours.

The process you will do is melting silver, forging, grinding process, form the desired jewelry, brazing process, and the final process is to fill the gems or depending on the design of the jewelry to be made.

Silver jewelry that can be made in this class are rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and safety pins.



Make your own silver jewelry with silversmith experienced
Get unique experience for make your silver jewelry
Create a unique art piece out of 5 grams of silver
Enjoy meeting the locals people and learning about traditional crafting



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