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The trip begins between 5 to 8 am depending on your request. Starting from your hotel around the City center or train station or anywhere within our pickup area, we need a 2 to 3-hour ride through densed areas, tradisional markets, and curvy mountainous roads.

After arriving, we will see the waterfall panorama from the above. Take a walk down through hundreds steps and enjoy the tumpak sewu from the bottom. Take tons of pictures and continue to Telaga Biru for a dip-in. Climb up to the beautiful Goa Tetes, a hiden place that a few knows about and back to the parking lot. Prepare your changing clothes, trail shoes, or even your drone.

You will need a strong heart and a pair of healhty knees for the 4 hours aprox exploration.
Not recomended for elder/senior or children under 10.

You will be accompanied by an English/Japanesse speaking guide and driver during the trip. Bottled mineral water is available on board for free, and sometimes we have local orange too.

Meals is not provided, but you can ask to stop by and try Malang local foods or to buy good local coffee beans in your way back to hotel.

We treat our clients as fellow travel partners



Go to tumpaksewu waterfall in reasonable cost
Get wet and enjoy the magnificent waterfall
Dip into Telaga Biru pond
Climb up to teh goa tetes (waterdrop cave)



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