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TPE Pickup: Unlimited Pass 25 Attractions, Transports & More – Nantou County, Taiwan

Enjoy hassle-free entry to 25 iconic attractions for up to 3 days. Save up to 72% while benefiting from unlimited access entry to Taipei public transport and access Taipei's most signature experience. Convenient pickup locations at TPE Taoyuan Airport.


Enjoy over 25 top Taipei, New Taipei & Keelung attractions with this Fun Pass. Take the hassle out of travel with unlimited rides on Taipei MRT, city buses, and 5 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes with the length of day selected

Included attractions (Entry once each within the valid period):
• Taipei 101 Observatory (Standard ticket, no express ticket)
• National Palace Museum
• Maokong Gondola Return Ticket
• Taipei Zoo
• Main Building of Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence
• Miramar Ferris Wheel
• Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
• Taipei Children’s Amusement Park+4 rides
• Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
• Taipei Fine Art Museum
• National Taiwan Museum Main Hall+ Land Bank Outpost Exhibition Hall
• National Taiwan Museum Namen Branch
• National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park
• Beitou Museum
• Yehliu Geopark (in New Taipei)
• Juming Museum (in New Taipei)
• Sky Lantern Police Station Electric Sky Lantern ticket (in New Taipei)
• Tamsui Historical Museum (in New Taipei)
• Tamsui to Fisherman’s Wharf round trip ticket (in New Taipei)
• Gold Museum (in New Taipei)
• National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (in Keelung)
• The Lin Family Mansion and Garden (in New Taipei)
• Heping Island Park (in Keelung)
• Lover’s Tower (in New Taipei)

1 out of 4 most signature Taipei Experiences:

• Bubble Tea making experience in Yoshan Tea

• Sky lantern experience in Pingxi

• Tea bag DIY experience in Maokong

• Western secret tunnel experience in the Grand Hote

Included rides (Unlimited use in selected length of days):
Unlimited travel on most public transportation in the 3 covered cities and some most popular Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes, giving easy access to famous attractions like Yangming Mountain(Yangmingshan), Yeliu, Pingxi and more.
• Taipei MRT
• Taipei city buses of Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung (excluding buses with four-digit numbers).
• Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Beitou-Zhuzihu route (for Yangmingshan)
• Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Muzha-Pingxi route (for Pingxi)
• Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Crown North Coast (for Juming Museum, Yehliu)



Visit as many of the included attractions and museums as you can during validity
Save up to 72% with this all-inclusive pass
Free access of most public transportation of Taipei City, New Taipei and Keelung
Choose 1 out 4 most signature Taipei experiences
Choose the length of use that best fits you



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